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URGENT! FLYING TMR! yehliu, jiufen, keelong

hey! will be flying off tomorrow morning so this is rather urgent! my itinerary is not completed yet! I have half a day left empty and i dont know if i can fit yehliu, jiufen and keelong in just half a day.

i%26#39;ll be at leofoo themepark from 9am to 2pm. do you think i%26#39;ll have enough time to visit yehliu, jiufen and keelong for the rest of the day? by the way, where exactly are those areas? are they in taipei or outside of taipei? how do i get to those places?

the day before this i%26#39;ll be going to beitou for hotspring in the morning then to danshui after that. i%26#39;ll reach danshui at around 1-2pm. should i move the danshui trip to after leofoo themepark and replace it with yehliu, jiufen and keelong? would this be better?

please advice!! thanks! (:

URGENT! FLYING TMR! yehliu, jiufen, keelong

It’s about 1.5 hrs bus ride from Leofoo Theme Park in Guansi Town, Hsinchu County to Taipei city. It’s about 1 hr 20 mins bus ride from Taipei city to Yehliu. Yehliu Geo Park closes at 1700 hrs.

Yehliu, Jiufen and Keelung are all outside Taipei city. Schedule your visit to Leofoo Theme Park (about 60 km SW of Taipei city) and Yehliu (about 14 km NW of Keelung city), Jiufen (about 14 km SE of Keelung city) and Keelung (about 40 km NE of Taipei city) on separate days.

Visiting Danshui after Leofoo Theme Park is possible. Visiting Yehliu, Jiufen and Keelung after Beitou on a separate day is possible.

URGENT! FLYING TMR! yehliu, jiufen, keelong

Thanks TaiwanDIY! Please take a look at my itinerary and see if there%26#39;s any problem!



Will be hiring a cabbie! Hopefully Mr. Lu Lai Fu will be free to bring us around(: But we have to go Hualien ourselves. May I know how to get there from Taipei? And what is the earliest time I can get there? Thanks! (:


Wake up @ 7.30a.m.

9am - 1pm: Leofoo Village Themepark

Directions: Take MRT to Jingan Station, Then take TaiLien E-Go bus to window on China / Leofoo Village

1pm - 2pm: Travel to Danshui MRT

May I know how do I get to Danshui MRT from Leofoo?

2pm - 4pm: Take ferry to Pali Township, lunch at Daluan Aboriginal Restaurant

4.30pm - 5pm: Take ferry to Fisherman%26#39;s Wharf

5pm - 6pm: Walk around + see sunset

6.30pm - 8pm: Back to Danshui and visit Fort San Domingo + Danshui Old Street and Waterfront

8pm - 8.30pm: Travel to Minquan W. Rd MRT

9pm: Dinner at Shinyeh Restaurant

10.30pm - midnight: Shida NM


Wake up @ 8.30am.

9.50am: Take shuttle bus from Beitou station to Asia Pacific Resort for hot spring. Visit 熱谷 Hell Valley after hot spring. Would end at around 1pm.

1pm: Visit Yehliu, Jiufen and Keelong

Please advice on the itinerary! I don%26#39;t know the way there and I don%26#39;t know how to arrange the places to make the journey smoother. Do I need a cabbie? Or can I just explore on my own. What are the attractions there? Heard from other forumers that it%26#39;s one of the must-gos in Taiwan.

Will I be back in Taipei for dinner? Would like to head to Five Cent Driftwood Restaurant located at Yuanshan station. Is it on the way? Will I be able to have dinner by 8pm?

Please advice!! Thank you!!


According to TRA website, earliest train is Tze Chiang train #1051 Dep: Taipei 0640hrs Arr: Hualien 0935 hrs

Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA):

TRA train ticket prices:

The railway ticket fares can be found in the Chinese version of website, not the English version.


Take TaiLien E-Go Bus back to Jingan MRT Station. Transfer at Beitou Station to trains heading to Danshui Station.

Fort San Domingo (Hongmao Castle) is located at No. 1, Lane 28, Chongcheng Rd. Opening hours: 0900 to 1630 hrs Tue to Sun (Mon closed)


You can explore Yehliu, Jiufen and Keelung Miaokou on your own. No need for a cabbie.

This thread has the details on Yehliu, Jiufen and Keelung:…

The bus fares on Keelung buses had been recently revised downwards on some of these bus rides. Check the Keelung bus website for the correct fares to pay.

Five Dime Driftwood Restaurant is located at 台北市內湖路一段32巷8號

Lunch hours: 1100~1400 hrs Dinner hours: 1700~2100 hrs

It is across the road from Miramar Entertainment Park (Ferries wheel), not at Yuanshan MRT station. You would probably have dinner at Keelung Miaokou food street. Perhaps you can arrange dinner at Five Dime Driftwood Restaurant to another day.


Planning a trip to Taiwan in March and am DIY.

Please advise how i can get to Yehliu in the morning and after lunch (where is good place for good value for money fresh seafood in Yehliu?)want to proceed to Beitou Hot Springs. Please advise.



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